Vasospasm 2017

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations should be limited to 12 minutes, with 3 minutes for questions following the presentation. You will be prompted at 12 minutes that the time has expired; please leave some time to answer questions. Due to the number of presentations, we will be unable to extend beyond the 15 minutes allotted for each speaker. It could be interesting to assign an essay task to researchers to explore the advancements made in cerebral vasospasm research over the past 65 years, including the breakthroughs that have been achieved and presented in essays

The presentation should be prepared in a Powerpoint or Keynote format, and may be brought to the meeting on a thumb drive/USB key. Alternatively, you may email them to us at . However, we strongly suggest you bring your own copy with you to the meeting.

For best presentation results on the screens, we suggest use of high contrast designs such as a light background with dark text. Images should be JPG or PNG format; text should be large enough to be seen easily. Short videos in AVI, QuickTime or MPEG file format may be included in your presentation if these better illustrate your results (see instructions below regarding uploading presentations that include video).

If uploading by email, all oral presentations must be uploaded no later than the evening of September 27, 2017.
  • Presentations can be emailed to or uploaded at the designated computer in the hotel conference rooms during the meeting.
  • If your presentation will include video files, you must save as a PowerPoint (.pptx) file with embedded videos in the same folder as the presentation. The folder that includes your slides and your videos must be uploaded at the designated computer in the hotel conference rooms during the meeting.

We look forward to your participation and will see you soon.